Tyler Byars is a freelance photographer, filmmaker, and designer who will graduate with a degree in Public Relations from Hannibal-LaGrange University in December of 2019.

Tyler has worked with a variety of clients ranging from couples and families to businesses and politicians. Some of his more notable work includes producing all photo and video content for the Riggs for Missouri state representative campaign, serving as an event photographer for the Hannibal-Courier Post, producing concert photos for many of the top bands in christian hard rock, and creating many of the photo galleries and videos for the Hannibal-LaGrange University public relations and athletics offices. 

In his free time he loves attending concerts, visiting coffee shops, reading books, and running long distances. Tyler has always learned and remembered things the best when he can visualize things or work with his hands to create something from scratch or when there is a compelling story involved and that is what lead him to giving himself the title of “Visual Storyteller.”

Tyler primarily works with clients in Illinois and Missouri but he loves to travel is available for hire nationwide.

Now that all of that weird talking about myself in the third person stuff is out of the way, what story can I help you tell?